Who We Are

We are a team of Hospitality Experts in Finance and Operation with over 25+ year's experience, who identify Industry Challenges and offer practical solution to the Hotel Owners, Operators and Managers to smartly manage the daily operation functions in an effective and easy way. Our Solution is robust and user friendly just Plug and Play.

Hotel Expense Tracking

We have been offering innovative management solution since 2010 to the industry. Hotel Expense Tracker is one of the many Software Application that we have introduced to the industry and it has the top 10 best practice functions inbuilt. The use of this web-based Application substantially reduces the cost of business transacting whilst improving management control.

Our corporate vision is to provide intuitive, intelligent and innovative management solutions that not only meet, but also exceed industry expectations.

Cloud Based

No need for hardware installation as it is a cloud based solution ready to Plug and Play

Hotel Operating Expenses

Recording Supplier Invoices using the Application helps in effective Time and Expense Management.

Operational Expenses

Record, Manage and get the Financial Statements at the click of a button.